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I work for Harveys 2364. I have been interrogated and believe that this is racism. I have been the Market Manager there for 4 years. I never received the CBT training when I was at this store. The store managers and CSM's always did the CBT's for the whole meat department. The other departments in the store never did theirs either. That's why the store doesn't have the training that its suppose to have. The training that I knew was what I had from other companies that I worked for. I never did any training for Harvey's. Because they always were worried about hours and no safety because it was on you. So we did what we had to do to keep the department going. The only thing that was important in this store was sales not safety or training. I loved my job being the Market Manager. I got along with all of the customers. This store had the sales because I brought all of my customer's from Winn-Dixie to this store. And i earned their trust and I am the one that made this store sales.

This all started from a drug addicted that robbed banks in the area. He was my employee and got mad. We had to adjust his hours because he was bringing his personal business to the store. He was a white man and had problems with a black man that worked in a different department. He thought we were cutting his hours to give the black man more hours in the store. So, he was the one that started all the allegations in my department.

If their were any changes in our company we were never aware of them because we never had the right training. So from this day forward the employees at Southside never received the proper training. This was not fair to me or the my other employees in my department.

I loved my job, I loved my customers and I loved building sales for this store. I took pride and ownership of my department. I made sure that it was clean, friendly and safe environment. Me and my guys would have never put this company in jeopardy. All this started from allegations from an individual who was mad.

I enjoyed being a part of Harvey's team. I enjoyed being the owner that I was for this team. I enjoyed the challenge that they allowed me to be a part of.

Harveys - Poor customer service / no refund

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AVOID THIS COMPANY AT ALL COSTS - worst customer service I have ever experienced. Accused my staff of lying and did us out of £300 - BEWARE!

We have ordered the same product for three years. The same person has been ordering the product for three years. When the product turned up in the wrong colour we were accused of ordering incorrectly! Staff member put the phone down on me.

Deliveries often turn up in odd boxes that have been used to transport food and other goods. The company is extremely unprofessional from the top to the bottom. Will never do business with them again and will also inform other businesses of the poor experience I have had.

Review about: Work Clothing.

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